Rebel Solar Freedom from Your Utility Bills.

Serving all your solar and renewable energy needs. And don't forget our energy efficiency retrofit services.

See How Much You Can Save

Rebel Solar will have your electric meter spinning backward in no time! While your meter is spinning backward during the day, you are building up electric usage credit with the electric company. Then, at night when your solar system is not producing electricity, you can cash in that electric usage credit for free electricity from the electric company! WHAT A DEAL!

And right now, with state rebates and federal tax credit paying for about half of your system cost, payback periods are as short as 5 years. Just think, after 5 years your system will have paid for itself with all the utility bills you no longer have to pay. Then it gets better: after 5 years, your solar system will start paying you, making your solar system a fantastic long-term investment vehicle.

For example, if your utility bill is around $200 a month, your solar system will be paying you $2400 every year. If you account for inflation and the never-ending increases in electricity rates, that number will easily double and perhaps triple in ten years. That's right! After ten years, your solar system could be paying you up to $7500 every year! Do you know anyone who wouldn't want an extra $7500 each and every year FOR DOING NOTHING? BE A REBEL! Rebel Solar